Novel Photonic Materials and Fabrication

These are some recent examples of our research in materials and fabrication for nanophotonics:

Graphene Modulator

We integrated graphene with integrated waveguides to modulate the light output.

Silicon Carbide

SiC ring

Using wafer bonding, we fabricated silicon carbide waveguides and investigated their nonlinear properties.

Etchless Waveguides

Etchless SEM
Etchless SEM cross section

We developed a novel Etchless fabrication technique which results in low loss waveguides and resonators. This technique defines the structures with selective oxidation, resulting in waveguides and resonators that are never exposed to the etching plasma and have therefore ultra-smooth sidewalls.

Grayscale Lithography

We used grayscale lithography to enable transformation optics on chip. Grayscale lithography, where the dose is modulated so that varying vertical resolutions are achieved, allows us to define graded-index multimode waveguides that have minimal inter-mode coupling.

Grayscale SEM