Jacob Louis Solomon


Led to study physics by a life-long fascination with light, Jacob was first exposed to the exciting possibilities of photonics research as a visiting research assistant in the Laboratory for Nano and Micro Photonics. There he investigated the feasibility of using nano antennas to manipulate magnetic dipole transitions in nearby molecules and unlock forbidden photochemical reactions. In a subsequent research fellowship at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Jacob designed, fabricated and characterized chip-integrated tunable photon sources. 

He is interested in understanding the fundamental limits on how a photonic device may exchange information and energy with its environment, and in doing so hopes to uncover novel technological capabilities. 

In the fall of 2021 Jacob came to Columbia University as a Ms/PhD student in Applied Physics. Outside of academic pursuits Jacob enjoys cooking for friends, getting out and enjoying nature, reading, and taking care of plants. Recently he has been learning how to play the drums.