Andres Gil Molina


Andres received his B.Sc. (2010) in Telecommunications Engineering from the Pontifical Bolivarian University. As an undergraduate he worked on optimization algorithms for improving the performance of access networks. He obtained his M.Sc. (2014) in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Antioquia. During his M.Sc. he worked on optical communications and nonlinear fiber optics. He pursued his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and his research was on nonlinear optics in optical waveguides, focusing in the development of nonlinear measuring methods to accurately characterize high-order dispersion in optical fibers, and also absorption mechanisms and the dynamics of free-carriers in silicon-on-insulator waveguides. Apart from the lab, Andres enjoys Capoeira (Brazilian martial art) and swimming.