Tunable Squeezing Using Coupled Ring Resonators on a Silicon Nitride Chip

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Journal Article


Opt. Lett., Volume 41, p.223 (2016)




<p>We demonstrate continuous tuning of the squeezing-level generated in a double-ring optical parametric oscillator by externally controlling the coupling condition using electrically controlled integrated microheaters. We accomplish this by utilizing the avoided crossing exhibited by a pair of coupled silicon nitride microring resonators. We directly detect a change in the squeezing level from 0.5&nbsp;dB in the undercoupled regime to 2&nbsp;dB in the overcoupled regime, which corresponds to a change in the generated on-chip squeezing factor from 0.9 to 3.9&nbsp;dB. Such wide tunability in the squeezing level can be harnessed for on-chip quantum-enhanced sensing protocols that require an optimal degree of squeezing.</p>


arXiv version: http://arxiv.org/abs/1506.03791

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