High RF carrier frequency modulation in silicon resonators by coupling adjacent free-spectral-range modes

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Journal Article


Optics Letters, Volume 39, p.1799-1802 (2014)






<p>demonstrate the modulation of silicon ring resonators at RF carrier frequencies higher than the resonance line-width by coupling adjacent free-spectral-range (FSR) resonance modes. In this modulator scheme, the modulation frequency is matched to the FSR frequency. As an example, we demonstrate a 20 GHz modulation in a silicon ring with a resonance linewidth of only 11.7 GHz. We show theoretically that this modulator scheme has lower power consumption compared to a standard silicon ring modulator at high carrier frequencies. These results could enable future on-chip high-frequency analog communication and photonic signal processing on a silicon photonics platform. (C) 2014 Optical Society of America</p>

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