Dynamics of mode-coupling-induced microresonator frequency combs in normal dispersion

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Optics Express, OSA, Volume 24, Issue 25, p.28794 - 28803 (2016)




Nonlinear optics, integrated optics, Parametric oscillators and amplifiers


<p>We experimentally and theoretically investigate the dynamics of microresonator-based frequency comb generation assisted by mode coupling in the normal group-velocity dispersion (GVD) regime. We show that mode coupling can initiate intracavity modulation instability (MI) by directly perturbing the pump-resonance mode. We also observe the formation of a low-noise comb as the pump frequency is tuned further into resonance from the MI point. We determine the phase-matching conditions that accurately predict all the essential features of the MI and comb spectra, and extend the existing analogy between mode coupling and high-order dispersion to the normal GVD regime. We discuss the applicability of our analysis to the possibility of broadband comb generation in the normal GVD regime.</p>