Dual-pumped degenerate Kerr oscillator in a silicon nitride microresonator

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Opt. Lett., OSA, Volume 40, Number 22, p.5267–5270 (2015)




four-wave mixing, integrated optics, Nonlinear optics, Parametric oscillators and amplifiers


<p>We demonstrate a degenerate parametric oscillator in a silicon nitride microresonator. We use two frequency-detuned pump waves to perform parametric four-wave mixing and operate in the normal group-velocity dispersion regime to produce signal and idler fields that are frequency degenerate. Our theoretical modeling shows that this regime enables generation of bimodal phase states, analogous to the chi(2)-based degenerate OPO. Our system offers potential for realization of CMOS-chip-based coherent optical computing and an all-optical quantum random number generator.</p>

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